about the broken gentleman.

What happens when you smash a mirror?

If you do it right, you end up with a large number of irregular fragments on the floor, each one catching different elements of the same image.

The broken gentleman is an attempt to do that with perceptions. 

Think of it as a metaphor for social media.  All of that information, all of those perspectives, all of them with an equal (potential) value.  With all of those minds and opinions, you end up with a wise, if conflicted organism.  You get a broken gentleman, who manages to exemplify all ideals, sporadically and without cohesion.

The broken gentleman is a look at media in a time where strategy requires fractured, competing perspectives to be kept in balance.

The broken gentleman is / is written by Jonathan Crowley.

about me.

I’m Jon Crowley.

Defining facts about me include my career (Public Relations), my background (Jamaican / Irish), my nationality (Canadian), my politics (very Liberal), and my belief that in most ways that matter, perception is reality, and consensus is definition.  Both can be wrong, but until they are accepted as so, it really doesn’t matter.  

I look at the world through terms of human behaviour, human experience and human impact.

I blog about media theory, communication strategy, and making meaning.

You can track me down on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or thebrokengentleman at gmail.