housekeeping note.

brokengentleman has been stagnating somewhat, and I've decided a bit of a change of pace is necessary to keep it interesting and relevant.

I'm keeping the site (and the name), but I'm going to do my best to restrict it to longform, more considered content.  The shift of the last year, though rewarding intellectually, wasn't particularly consistent with what had been here previously.  As well, the platform has been far from encouraging when it comes to posting snippets, images, etc.

I have nothing but respect for Blogger, and for the things I've posted here, comments they've garnered, and things that will continue to be posted here.

For sporadic, theory-laden, longform content, this is still my home.

For something shorter, punchier, and (I sincerely hope) more regularly updated, you can visit attentionindustry.com.  I'm going to be doing my best to 'live' my ideas over there, while making sure the root theories get the attention and consideration they deserve from me over here.  It's still very much a work in progress, but I thought I should explain the silence at brokengentleman.  I know there isn't a comment structure (and I'm still not sure I won't change that) but feel free to contact me through the twitter / email information posted there, or the information posted here, and I will respond and/or address the point/concern publicly.

Exciting times ahead.


Anonymous said...

Went through a similar shift about a year ago when I split my longform storytelling from my linklogging and thoughtstream, essentially resulting in two blogs: http://itellstories.org and http://squandrous.com. I like having two spaces where I can have two different voices and perspectives, and from what I hear from my readers, they appreciate it too.

Good luck with your shift!

jon crowley said...


Part of it is realizing having a site to point to in a business related setting (that doesn't have such an accidentally emo title) would probably be nice, but I feel as though I've build too much 'brand value' with brokengentleman to outright abandon it.

Change is good, I hope.